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About us

The company BS Müller GmbH was founded in 1985 by the Müller brothers. We are a small medium-sized company that since its founding in 1985, now provides over 30 years products of high quality in the field of lacing machines for stators of electrical machines. Using the experience of the father, a new, reliable lacing head was built and first installed in BNKR machines of the company Danfoss. Due to the excellent reliability of the lacing head gradually all existing machines were equipped with them.

In 1989 our first programmable lacing machine was delivered with a Siemens control and a servo motor. This machine works well up to the present day without interruption.

Over the years, further versions of lacing machines were added

The lacing machines are constantly being improved and adapted to the current state of technology and the new demands of customers, always with the demands: Quality and reliability.

In 2010, the big lacing machine of the type SM3 was built the first time for Stator OD 455mm