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Lacing Machines



Lacing machine SM10

The lacing machine SM10 laces  stators from ID 22mm to OD 165mm. The indexation of the stator by means of a servomotor and a Siemens S7 PLC. A clear display allows a stitch and speed programming.

The machine works with in many applications tested  BS Müller lacing head  NK01. The lacing head has a curved, closed needle (no hook needle). The robust construction and the principle of parallel cord lacing of the winding head allows a very tightly bandage when needed, but it can also be adjusted a loose lacing.

The operator is protected from injury by a complete encapsulation of the lacing head and its lacing elements.

At the lacing head a pressure shell for fixing the winding head, the phase insulation and the wires can be mounted.

On a horizontal operating table, the stators can easily and without much effort pushed into the stator fixing tool.

Set-up times will be approximately 3-5 min.
The stack length does not require any modification of the machine.

min. Stator ID: 23mm
Max. Stator OD: 165mm
Max. Number of stitches:      170 stitches / min
Max. Winding head height:  80mm
Stack Height:  20mm to about 350mm
Dimensions: WxHxL (cm) 155 x70x170
Weight: 350kg