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Lacing Machines



Lacing machine SM1

The lacing machine SM1 works on the principle of the rotating lacing head and stationary stator. Cable exits of the stators can be securely fixed in a mounting ring. A clear display allows a stitch- and speed programming. The machine is indexed by a servo motor and a Siemens S7 PLC.

The machine works with in many applications tested  BS Müller lacing head NK01. The lacing head has a curved, closed needle (no hook needle). The robust construction and the principle of parallel cord lacing of the winding head allows a very tightly bandage when needed, but it can also be adjusted a loose lacing.

The operator is protected from injury by a complete encapsulation of the lacing head and its lacing elements.

At the lacing head a pressure shell for fixing the winding head, the phase insulation and the wires can be mounted.

On a horizontal operating table, the stators can easily and without much effort pushed into the stator fixing tool.

Set-up times are approximately 4-8min. The stack length does not require any modification of the machine.

max. Stator OD 260mm (larger on request)
min. Stator ID: 30mm (smaller on request)
max. Number of stitches: 170 stitches / min (speed is programmable)
max. Winding head height: 80mm with lacing head NK01
max. Winding head height: 90mm with lacing head NK01-2
Stack height: from 20mm to approx. 400mm
Machine weight: approx. 600kg
Dimensions: WxHxL (mm) 800x1800x1650
Approx. 50 programs- Each winding head is individually programmable