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NK 01


Lacing Machines




Construction of the lacing head  NK01
 (Patent drawing)

Lacing head NK01

The lacing head is the heart of a lacing machine. The construction of this lacing head therefore required a lot of expertise from the task of lacing stators and thus to create the mechanical functions of the lacing head. The result was the lacing head, type NK01.


Lacing head with sturdy, curved needle (no hook needle). The robust construction and the principle of parallel cord lacing of the winding head allows a very tightly bandage when needed, but it can also be adjusted a loose lacing.

A lacing head technologically developed in detail.

Meets the requirements as e.g. .: Tight bandage, long service life and trouble-free operation.

Technical specifications:
min. Stator ID: 23mm
Max. Winding head height: 80mm
Weight: 20kg

This lacing head can also be installed in all Statomat BN1 and BNKR lacing machines